Money or Misery


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The accomplishments of Brian Baker, also known as Bribe, thus far is the uniting of multiple artist careers. Brian always has a new project ready to fly which often times out shines his previous efforts. Brian Baker was born in Brunswick, GA and played in the high school marching band. Bribe composed and experimented with different genres of music but soon hip hop took precedence as his genre of choice. Bribe is a lifelong fan of music and the music movement, therefore his career in music and has been a long journey. Growing up in a rural part of Georgia it is difficult to have local music recognition; however, the many venues and accessible options of the internet aids in allowing Bribe and local artists have their music exposed to more people. The accessibility of the internet also steered him toward a team collaboration with fellow artist Thin that began in the mid 90s and still continues to this day. Throughout the late 80s the 90s and to this current date you can find Bribe showcasing the talent of his and local artists he works with at local and regional events. Mobilize Muzik opened for Field Mob, Papa Duck, Bread Boys, BOB, Pastor Troy, DJ Unk, Webbie, JT Money and more! Bribe and Mobilize Muzik has made a name for themselves in the 912 area code, tracing the roots of Mobilize Muzik within McIntosh County GA. To date Bribe has an few independent albums including 2003s Bribe presents quot;DA Droughtquot; and 2009s Trifector quot;Country Living 2quot; and quot;Aint No Rookiezquot; with Thin & Dat Boi E sponsored by Mobilize Muzik. Brian is a gifted person with ambition Bribe has passed on his knowledge and experience to a multitude of young musicians throughout his community in McIntosh and surrounding counties, Brian is also a progressive composer and arranger, Bribes work has been recognized by rendition hip hop TV and local radio and TV stations. Bribe is now working on a new release called quot;Money or Misery set to release August 27, 2013, with features from Ole-E, Pastor Troy, Bohagon, Smoke (Field Mob) DJ Trans,Rappin4tay, Dshon, Briana Hightower and Mobilize Muzik camp. The roster of Mobilize Muziks Camp consists of Thin, Puppy, Dat Boi E, Blaque Sheep, Bribe and 20. Check out for upcoming shows and releases!


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