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MURDER AT MONTFORD HALL is Book 7 in Marilyn Clay’s Juliette Abbott Regency-set Mystery Series.A pair of mysteries collide in this intricately-plotted tale set against the glamourous backdrop of the London theater world in the 1820s.What can possibly go wrong when a group of former actors and actresses, all of whom once appeared to great acclaim on the London stage, are invited for a lovely winter house party at the country home of Lord and Lady Montford?How about the vicious murder of one of their group on her way to Montford Hall, the poor lady found dead in her carriage before she even arrives at the house party?Will a blinding snowstorm dictating that no one can leave the mansion, or the fact that the coal supply in the house is fast diminishing and the larder is nearly bare of food serve to lower the houseguests’ spirits?Will finding another guest brutally murdered on the premises frighten the guests? Or cause them to believe that they are now stranded in the snowy countryside with a killer in their midst? How soon before the frightened guests begin to point fingers at one another?When Miss Abbott, who is not an actress and therefore not one of them, is spotted standing over the dead body of one of the gentlemen guests, the murder weapon in hand, how quickly will Miss Abbott be declared the guilty party?And, how quickly will our clever young sleuth manage to run the real killer to ground and prove not only her own innocence, but also that of her maid Tilda, upon whose head suspicion has also fallen?”The twists and turns in Marilyn Clay’s newest Juliette Abbott Regency Mystery is bound to keep readers turning pages!” — Red River Mystery Reviews”I feel as if I’m watching a movie when I read a novel by this author, her descriptions and the action she describes are so very life-like and colourful! Great fun, indeed!” –J S Johnson, 5-Star Reader Review”You won’t want to miss this latest story in Marilyn Clay’s popular Juliette Abbott Regency Mystery Series. Miss Abbott continues to be a quick-thinking, clever sleuth who out-wits even the most ruthless killers!” –Marcy Keller, 5-Star Reader ReviewMURDER AT MONTFORD HALL is Book 7 in the Juliette Abbott Regency Mystery series. Beginning with Book 1, MURDER AT MORLAND MANOR, and on through MURDER IN MAYFAIR, MURDER IN MARGATE, MURDER AT MEDLEY PARK, MURDER IN MIDDLEWYCH, and MURDER IN MAIDSTONE, each and every title throughout this delightful series penned by award-winning Regency author Marilyn Clay continues to please! You won’t want to miss a single one!Look for all of Marilyn Clay’s historical suspense novels available from major online retailers in both print and ebook formats!


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