Murder on Aisle 67 (Paperback)


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On a breezy Spring day, Roxanne Sanchez, a thirty something paralegal by day and weekend flea market vendor finds the dead body of Pack Rat Freddie stone in his 1976 panel van, The Love Machine. As her eyes look at the body of the sixty plus vendor, she sees something sticking out of his chest. Life continues to present Roxie with strange and unpleasant gifts. The Monday following her discovery of Freddie’s corpse, she arrives at her employer, Blackwood and Pynchard, Esq., and is greeted by the local County Prosecutor, Det. Baines, her bosses, an estate lawyer, Alfonse Queecy. Queecy presents a video of Freddie’s Last Will and Testament. In this bizarre oral testament, Roxie learns that Freddie has left his family nothing, but the bulk of his estate which includes a boat called The Bearded Lady and a ramshackle house in Colts Neck, New Jersey is left to her. Upon advernturing into the house Roxie finds that Freddie was an art collector—of the stolen kind.. Karrie, her elderly feisty elderly sidekick, points out that a white duck picture that they found is actually a famous work by Jean Baptiste Oudry, and was stolen sometime in the 1990s. The stolen piece is worth about $11 million. Roxie is mortified. How does a guy that sells broken screwdrivers wind up with an $11 million in stolen fine art? Was he involved in a stolen art ring?The New Jersey State Police and an Israeli Intelligence Officer are now involved becasue Roxie is in danger because the wealthy art thieves want their collection stolen art back even if it means killing her. Roxie agrees to be used as bait to smoke out the foreign nationals involved in the plot, and after a vicious fight. Roxie prevails. But suprisingly enough, the art thieves are not the ones who killed Freddie. In a surprising twist, Roxie learns that killers come in many disguises.


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