My First Book about the Birds of North America – Amazing Animal Books – Children’s Picture Books


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Table of Contents Introduction Common North American Bird Families Knowing More about the Birds around You – Fun Facts of the More Common Bird Species All About Blackbirds Amazing Sparrow Facts Amazing Facts and Information About Hawks Facts about the Cranes Facts about the Goldfinch Facts and Information about Ducks Facts and Information on Blue Jays Facts and Information on Chickadees Facts and Information on Egrets Facts and information about Vultures Fun Facts About Falcons Fun Facts and Information about Gulls Information and Facts About Finches Interesting Facts and Information about Owls Some Basic Facts and Information about Doves Some information on Orioles (the bird, not the baseball team) Learning Facts and information about Sandpipers Learn All About Eagles Bald Eagles Why Everyone’s Kingfisher Is Different Useful Facts and Information on Woodpeckers Information on Roadrunners Canadian Geese Top Facts and Information about Flycatchers The Ins and Outs of Warblers Information and Facts about the American Robin Conclusion Publisher Introduction Common North American Bird Families North America is home to a number of bird species and families, here are a few: Anatidae is one common North American bird family. This group includes geese, swans, and ducks. Strigidae is another common type of North American bird; we usually hear it called an owl. Another popular North American bird family is the Columbidae, which are pigeons and doves. The penguin belongs to the Spheniscidae family, another common North American bird. Pelecanidae is a popular bird family; this family has herons, egrets, and birds that wad in the swaps. The Phoenicopteridae family also lives in North America. These birds can stand as tall as 5 feet, they are called flamingos.


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