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In the heart of Boston in the 1980’sa city engulfed in turmoil and racial tensions, an unlikely friendship develops between two students at Cathedral High School. Patrick is an Irish-Catholic born leader. His friends follow him with blind allegiance. Nate is a young, disciplined, black athletefocused on finding his way out of the neighborhood alive. The two young men find themselves on hectic school grounds, in a culture that shuns friendships like theirs. Through a tragic turn of events, we see stereotypical statuses turned upside down. The contrasting characters display the power of individual choice and response to life’s circumstances. Though the corruption and racism of Patrick and Nate’s Boston culture posed an equal threat to both, their respective choices to pick themselves up, find their resolve, and get past their environment, caused them to rise above it all. This is the story of a Boston friendship that crossed neighborhood lines, broke cultural boundaries, and propelled two adolescents to rethink the world around them. May we all be impacted by the education this eye-opening read has to offer!


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