Never Ending Album


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Mohamad Makki aka quot;Duck 13quot; started producing and rapping in 97 but did not start taking it seriously until obtaining his Associate Of Science in the Recording Arts at Full Sail University. Once graduated Duck 13 interned at Hinge Studios in Chicago where he was given valuable advice from super produce Kanye West (2001). He took this advice to his advantage and started to create his own sound. Using his skills as an audio engineer and applying them towards production set him apart from other producers because of the crisp, clean, and punchy sound. Duck 13 has made a name for himself by building continuos strong relationships with artist on a global scale. Duck 13 believes that music is a small aspect by itself, but the relationship one builds with others who love to create and personify rhythmic sound expand its growth. Good music cannot be created without that common love and a goal to be heard. HIs rap style is not one that can be called consistent, his style more so adapts toward the feel of the music. Duck13 believes that the human emotion within any given situation becomes enhanced once the platform of music inspires the creativity to write. For him, capturing these moments to audio are like the comparison of a photographer capturing moments in time to film. A student, and a teacher of music, Duck13 is committed to keep the world tuned in.


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