New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles: Rescued by a Kiss: The New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles Series (Paperback)


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Brandy Alexander. Names for a cold drink and a hot babe. In New Orleans the combination can be dangerous. So with a name like Brandy Alexander – it seems her life’s course was already determined. On the day she was born, her father and uncle waited in a bar and decided that Brandy would be a great name for a girl with the last name of Alexander. Her mother reminds her is it a great one for a stripper and blames Brandy-as if she had anything to do with it. Being childhood sweethearts with her police officer boyfriend, doesn’t stop her from kissing a handsome stranger at a Mardi Gras Parade. A kiss that rocks her world and complicates her life. Before she has a chance to find out his name or who he is – he is shot! By the time an ambulance arrives, he has asked for her help in saving Isabella. Isabella is not at all what she expected. As Brandy tries to unravel the sudden complications in her life, the Mardi Gras parade serves as a backdrop and foil to her search for answers. Disguised identities in crowded and narrow streets, colorful characters and a four-legged femme fatale add up to magic, mystery and dazzling reveals. Will Brandy ever find out the true identity of her Mardi Gras mystery man? Who is Isabella and why is she so important to him? New Orleans is a character of its own in this whimsical story of tangled lives, plot twists and historical references. Just as music is an essential part of New Orleans, so is the lyrical lexicon of club patrons, locals and a friend called Duck Man. Brandy Alexander lives up to her name in the first of The Go Cup Chronicle Series. She stirs up trouble but will she remain unshaken? There’s no place like New Orleans to have a good crime. From the Series The New Orleans Go Cup Chronicles


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