New Sunrise


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Hi fans and friends This is my latest CD I,ve remixed three songs as to brush up on them slightly Also I,ve added a tune called A New Sunrise. Only percusions and some chimes along with a little guitar picking . As always I want to thank god for all the help and guidence he as given me. Along with so meny of my fans and friends for ther ongoing suport .I couldn,t have come this far in my dream of music with out their help. I know I couldn,t have done this all by myself to now have 11 CD,s PS.I still donate 10% of all cover song download proceeds to the st jude childrens research hospital every month. Why do I do this ?Its just a good thing to do .anybody with a few extra dollars can help thats if you have a few extra not everbody dose. Don,t give up on your dreams .Walter Goulet folk singer/ song writer If any of you fans and friends are wandering about the pictures on the front of this CD cover It,s me, the center picture I was about 2 in a sailor suit. The picture on the left is at my grandmothers house I,am next to a duck on the grass it,s not a real duck it,s a platic one,This was in lowell mass when I was 10 years old . The street is 41 akin avenue the house has been sold to other people meny years ago . and the picture on the right side is me when I was 16 years old at hampshires place. In Cambride Mass I don,t recall who took the picture maybe a friend or perhaps a girl friend . 10% of all my music sales gets donated to the ST JUDE childrens research hospital every month now for over 4 years.


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