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Jeff DAntona, 26 year old pianist/composer of Northampton, MA, has taken pieces from his folk/rock roots, formal jazz and classical education, and experience touring with a live hip-hop band to create a musical personality all his own. The uniqueness of his voice stems from an ability to embrace a varied musical background and extract a common theme: the power of human emotion, which he then effortlessly communicates with his audience. His playing is lyrical and moody, filled with both emotional intensity and subtle sensitivity. His compositions are as diverse as his influences, seamlessly integrating memorable melodies reminiscent of folk and classical themes, jazz harmonies, and the infectious grooves of hip-hop, R&B, and Afro-Cuban music. In Jeffs most recent release, Ocean Rising, he has expanded his musical palette even further: while keeping the focal point of the record the dynamic improvisations, group interaction, and original compositions of his trio, Jeff experimented with studio production to add another element of depth to his evolving voice, evoking the sounds of modern hip-hop and rock production. These added textures came courtesy of guitarist David quot;Goodyquot; Goodrich, vocalist Leah Randazzo, as well as keyboard overdubs and mixing techniques. Staying true to his anything goes mantra regarding repertoire, DAntona compliments original compositions with covers of songs by Radiohead, the Beatles, and George and Ira Gershwin. The Jeff DAntona Trio, featuring Makaya McCraven on drums and Tristan Gutner on bass, was formed in 2005 after Jeff completed his music degree at the Univeristy of Massachusetts Amherst. The newly formed trio honed their sound and seemingly telepathic interaction skills at a weekly residency at a local caf?, quickly building a local following. A year later, they released their first CD, Offering, in 2007, a live concert recorded at the Pushkin, an art gallery in Greenfield, MA. quot;A finely balanced piano jazz trio in the tradition of Jamal, Evans, Jarrett, Mehldau, et al, but DAntona is not attempting to be a clone of those masters. He sounds like hes finding his own very lyrical playing & composing voice, interacting beautifully with strong & solid work by Tristan Gutner & the very dynamic Makaya McCravenquot; Ron Freshly, Fresh Sounds, WMUA. Soon after the CDs release, the trio was opening for bands such as the Jazz Mandolin Project as well as being called as a backing band to record with a Russian folk songwriter, local R&B singer Leah Randazzo, as well as tenor saxophone legend Archie Shepp. The trios work with Archie Sheep was recorded for a French film score and was nominated for a quot;Best Original Scorequot; Caesar Award, the French film industrys equivalent to an Academy Award. Jeffs recent projects include a continued collaboration with live hip-hop outfit Cold Duck Complex, an R&B vocal/piano duo with singer Evelyn Harris of the renowned Sweet Honey in the Rock, producing a singer-songwriter record, and a full schedule of teaching in colleges and high schools.


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