On Feathered Wings : Birds in Flight


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When we imagine birds, we think of them soaring through the sky, high above our heads–yet photographs of birds in the air are surprisingly rare. On Feathered Wings features the work of seven photographers who have spent their lives camping out, donning waders, and lying in wait for the greatest shots of birds doing what they do best: flying! Selected by birder and photographer Richard Ettlinger, these gorgeous, often thrilling images show hunters, migrators, waterfowl, and songbirds living on the wing: hunting, feeding, fighting, traveling, or just gliding along. An essay by Ettlinger gives an overview of the mechanics and evolution of bird flight. From falcons and eagles to swallows and hummingbirds, On Feathered Wings serves up a rich collection of images that is sure to delight birders both novice and veteran, and anyone who has ever looked to the skies in wonder.


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