Original Lightweight Walking Stick / Cane and Seat from Flipstick – Green


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Flipstick is specifically designed and engineered to address the demand for a lightweight portable seat in the senior, healthcare and leisure markets.Flipstick comprises of a tough, durable aluminum stem and a high quality molded plastic seat. A simple press of a button securely locks the handle and seat in either the walking cane or sitting position.The non-slip rubber foot will cope with most indoor and outdoor surfaces and can easily be removed enabling the stem to be cut down to allow for perfect height adjustment.Flipstick is suitable for left or right handed use.Recommended maximum weight usage is 280 lbs.Interesting Note:In England, people would call this style of walking cane a ‘shooting stick’, which was designed for when women went out to watch their husbands duck or bird hunt. They would use these to sit on while watching the men shoot – hence “shooting sticks”. Other names used in England and the United States include: Cane Seat’, Seat Cane, Walk Stick Seat, and Walk Seat. But, we like the historical nature of the term Shooting Stick best!


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