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Wideawake Willy. The Little Old Woman. Quite an Adventure. Funny Toys There Were Seven Froggies of Lee Tinklebell Tales. Holiday Time. The Twins. The Five Little Frogs. The Doings of Dickie and Daisy Follow My Leader. Bunny and Chick, Or Sulky Sammy. Doggie and Puss. Tittle-tattle Tales, Or Fireside Stories. The Kitkin Family Wooden Toys. Tick Tock Neddy Silly Billy and the Kittens. Tony The Cats and the Cheese, Or, Better Agree Than Go to Law. The Doll’s House to Let. The Fox That Lost His Tail, Or, Do Not Follow Every Fashion You See. Mrs. Gamp and Mrs. Puss-cat The Conceited Golliwog. Dolly’s Name. The Call to Arms. To London Town. A Home in the Wainscot. We Three Under the Big Hat, Or, Jackie and Me. The Naughty Kitten. The Goose Girl. Goose-girl. Waiting For Tea. The Boy and the Bogie. Baby’s Bunnie. My First Visit. Ten Raw Recruits. The Dog and the Wolf; Or, Be Content With Your Lot. Castles in the Air. A Day at the Farm. Doggie’s Woes. Off to the Front. Tommy’s First Day at School. Mister Jack-in-the-box. Hector Protector. The Muzzle That Fitted Too Much. In the Farmyard. Fir Tree Farm. Pity the Sorrows of a Poor Little Dog. Too Sure. Firefly. What a Mistake. Charlie’s Playthings. How Pussy Caught Her First Bird. A Rat Hunt. Nip and the Pigeons.


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