Pomeroy Family Legacy: Pursuing Prissie (Paperback)


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Familiar faces, new friends, family traditions, high hopes, lurking danger, angelic archers, gentle romance, and apple pie. Ten years after the events of The Blue Door, Prissie Pomeroy experiences an angelic reprise when she meets another little boy she shouldn’t be able to see. Asher seems to be using his Caretaker’s powers very carelessly, but he claims to be Sent. His meddling mixes up Prissie’s life just in time for Ransom Pavlos to return to West Edinton. The newly credentialed pastry chef hopes to make a place for himself in town, preferably at Prissie’s side. But she’s too distracted by a very different pursuit to notice. An old enemy finds his way back to the Pomeroys’ farm, and the Guardian who knows him best must step forward to keep Prissie safe. A Pomeroy Family Legacy novel, sequel to Christa Kinde’s Threshold Series [Zondervan]. Excerpt: Prissie ran through the orchard, ducking under branches, trying to get a better look, but leaves only allowed her brief glimpses of the boy. She wanted to call him back, but desperate hope choked her voice. Was it possible? Straight, black hair brushed his shoulders, and when he reached up to touch a branch before darting around the tree, she saw gold and silver threads glinting on his cuff. Koji?


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