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Ham Marks, MD is a talented forensic orthopedist who has given up active surgical practice. He isnt a spy, soldier, or secret agentand yet he always seems to be ducking murder attempts and stopping would-be criminals. Comprised of two thrilling novellas, Prescription: Murder follows Dr. Marks as he becomes a target.In Over His Dead Body, Marks is called as an expert witness in the murder trial of a Philadelphia malpractice lawyer. This seems simple enough, but in such a high-profile murder, nothing is as it seems. Soon, Marks finds himself running from international terrorists as he struggles to figure out what really happened to the unfortunate attorney.A C Change follows Marks and his wife, Ruth, as they take off on what should be a romantic Mediterranean cruise. In the process, Marks discovers he must stop the murder of a Bulgarian medical colleague who has invented a product worth millions. With the help of secret service and FBI agents, he might make it out with his life and be back to the cruise ship in time for dinner.


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