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Hot Lsbian BDSM with Bondag, Domination and Submission as wll as th us of BDSM dvics.I was xhaustd and ndd to put myslf togthr aftr th most intns ngotiations I had vr bn a part of. I was thr as just a nw Junior Analyst.But, I dcidd to duck into th ladis’s to quickly splash my fac with som cool watr. My day had startd off prtty wild. Th morning had kickd off with Margart calling m into hr offic and bfor I vn had tim to put my portfolio cas down sh had impatintly pulld m onto hr lap.My mind bgan to drift off and I was hoping th cool watr would rviv m.”Bang, bang, bang.” Suddnly somon was knocking on th bathroom’s door.”Just a minut.”I was quickly trying to put myslf togthr. I was mthodically pulling up my black stockings to prvnt any runs, thn snapping thm carfully in plac on by on to thir gartr blts. Th knocking wouldn’t stop. “Who th hll was it?”Whn I finally was abl to opn th door I found Zoya thr with hr tradmark dark rimmd glasss looking upon m lik a disapproving school mistrss.Sh pushd hr way insid, quickly closing th door bhind hr.”W nd to talk.I could barly look at hr y to y as I flt I would just mlt to hr will.I rally did nd to supprss ths Primal flings of Submission, if sh or th othr partnrs wr to tak m for mor than a distraction. But my chks wr burning hot.I had to gt it togthr fast.Download Primal Submission right now!


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