Primos Double Bull SurroundView Stake Out Ground Blind


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An extremely portable, 2-panel hunting blind with no blind spots, the Primos® Double Bull® SurroundView® Stake Out Blind uses SurroundView technology to maximize your chances in the woods. A 2-hub design that moves easily so you can sit wherever you want, this 37″ tall blind measures 59″ from corner to corner to give you lots of blind to stay concealed behind. Made with SurroundView technology, the Stake Out’s 1-way, see-through walls let you see everything in front of you with no blind spots while keeping you hidden from wary turkey eyes! 3 triangle shooting windows. Manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty. Weight: 4.5 lbs. Imported. Manufacturer model #: 65158. Extremely portable ground blind with 1-way, see-through walls SurroundView technology – see your surroundings without being seen No blind spots 2-panel, 2-hub design – moves easily, sit where you want 3 triangle shooting windows


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