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A micro-USB port powers up the rechargeable battery in the Helix Backcountry Rechargeable that allows this lightweight lantern to put out a bright beam that’s easy on the eyes perfect for hands free area lighting. The Helix Backcountry Rechargeable has a unique control surface that is free of buttons yet gives access to a dimmable white mode well as a dimmable red mode for low profile use. The expanding globe and folding legs help Helix Backcountry Rechargeable to shine over a wide area and pack down to fit easily in hand. The Helix lantern design also incorporates several hanging and spotlight options. The globe can be removed to swap the diffused glow to a direct spot light.
This lantern provides a burn time in white LED on high for 6-hours and 18-hours on low. With the red LED on high the burn time is 7-hours and 22-hours on low. Both the white and red LED are dimmable design and the light can provide up to 150 lumens of brightness. The white LED is a Maxbright and the red LED’s is an Ultrabright LED. Power is supplied by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (built-in). This light is designed for area illumination and disperses light in a 360° pattern to light up a campsite or other area. Lights rated IPX6 have a high level of water resistance; generally, they can take a quick dunking, some precipitation and even a strong spray of water. If water enters the housing of the light, please remove the batteries and dry everything out.
Ideal for Backpacking/Hiking:Planning to cover some ground and travel light? Maybe it’s the destination or maybe it’s all the steps between. Either way, lights in this category will help you find your way (or enjoy right where you are) when the sun goes down. (especially if something goes bump in the night). Great for Camping:Sleeping under the stars and getting away from it all. Whether you need some light to bustle around the RV after lights out, set up your nomadic home for the night among the pines, or enjoy some campfire time with friends, family (or yourself), these products will serve you well. Perfect for Caving/Canyoneering:When the spirit of adventure leads you to places where daylight is scarce, these lights will help you explore the darkest depths and narrowest canyons. (If Gollum needed a flashlight, he’d check this category). Must Have for Hunting and Fishing:Tree stands, duck blinds, jon boats, bass boats, streamside, dockside, backcountry camps examples of places that tend to be most productive around dawn or dusk. Check out these products to help you make the most of those hours.
Required for Law Enforcement/Military:Men and women protecting and serving in all different ways these lights strive to be as tough, bright and reliable as the people who count on them. Designated for Preparedness:Light is an integral part of survival whether you’re headed off the grid or experience a loss of power having your own source of light at hand helps to keep you safe. Important for Safety/Industry:Does your job require work in less than ideal environments? Sometimes you need a little extra light, sometimes you need a primary light and sometimes, that light needs to not only be bright, but be rated to work safely in hazardous conditions. Light weighs 5.4 oz. (155 g) and is proudly made in the USA.


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