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EPIC Ebooks Contest Finalist in Historical RomanceGhoulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties and geese that go bump in the night!Geese?Henry, Baron Grey, called Hank, might have found ghoulies and ghosties as he lay in the dirt on this cold autumn night watching and waiting for pumpkin thieves. With widespread food shortages in 1816, this Year Without a Summer, pumpkinnapperspumpkin kidnappers or pumpkin thieveshave threatened his friend Emilys pumpkins. Instead, he got a goose. A big, mean goose who watched him in a very embarrassing place. Repeatedly.Any sane man would give up. But Emily is hereEmily, the special playmate of his youth. He could never let anything endanger her. Ten years ago when they last saw each other, they might have become more than playmates. Perhaps now they can pick up where they left offif her pet goose ever stops damaging him.The widowed Mrs. Emily Metcalfe reluctantly allowed Hank to try and catch the would-be pumpkin thieves, partly as an apology for accusing him of being the pumpkinnapper. But that may have been a bad idea. Her pet goose will warn her of any villains and he intensely dislikes Hank. And then there is Hank himself, the lost friend of her youth, and with whom she would like more than mere friendship.Hes unwed, and she a widow. Can a flame from so long ago once more burn bright? Or will the pumpkinnappers and the goose thwart them?A sweet, traditional, drawing room not bedroom, Regency romantic comedy with paranormal elements. A new version of the previous work, expanded and completely rewritten. 31,000 words, about 120 pages.


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