Punishing the Myth


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If you like Kenny Chesney and contemporary country music…you will HATE Grant Peeples. If you watch Duck Dynasty or American Idol, you wont enjoy Grant Peeples music. If you voted for George Bush, this is probably not your singer/songwriter. If you dont believe in global warming, you probably arent going to believe this guy. If you dont know what a metaphor is…just move on to somebody else. HERES THE SKINNY A new release called quot;Punishing the Mythquot; Gurf Morlix (yea, that IS his real name) produces Theres a Side A and Side B (go figure) A Greg Brown song, trumpets, B-3 organs A state execution duet with Eliza Gilkyson A vehement poem: quot;High Octane Generationquot; A love song to a long-dead lesbian aunt A Texas diatribe: quot;Its too Late to Live in Austinquot; A who-the-hell-is-that? chick singer: its Sarah Mac A Buddhists epiphany and a patriots lament A soft stab at nostalgia with an M-1 carbine HERE IT IS SONG BY SONG SIDE A 1 Youre a Slave to Your Imagination The artists muse is the stuff of poetic legend, but nobody talks about the anti-muse. Shes the one that whispers in your ear that you are wasting time and gasoline; that nobody wants to hear the shit youre singing, that your pursuit of audience with song is vain and frivolous. This is a duet, song with Sarah Mac. Longineu Parsons plays a coronet that he got from Cannonball Adderly. Taking a cue from Tom Waits…theres only one chord in the entire song. 2. Who Woulda Thunk It? The only cover tune on the record. A 1985 song from Greg Brown. I updated the imagery some, wrote a bridge, and made it a duet that Gurf Morlix sings with me. 3. The New American Dream The title of the record lies is imbeded herein. 4. The Morning after the Coup My favorite song on the record. The one that was most difficult to write, to not let it run off the page in the process. 5. She was a Wildflower A love song with the opening line: When ever I see a wildflower I remember watching her swing from the barrel of and M-1 rifle. SIDE B 6. Aunt Lou We all knew about my grandmothers sister, Aunt Lou. And nobody ever said a word about it. The truth wasnt something we ever even whispered, and so we just buried it with her. 7. The Hanging This is allegory. Of course. A duet with Eliza Gilkyson. Since a very early age I have had this innate and visceral understanding that the execution of a citizen by the state was just wrong. 8. Training in the Charnel Ground. In Tibet, when you die, they cant bury you because the ground is always frozen. So they take your body to the Charnel Ground and let the buzzards and jackals feed on it. And it is here they take young monks to challenge their ability not to run when the going gets tough. I took this metaphor and tried to apply it to being an artist in the modern world. 9. High Octane Generation A poem I wrote as an allegory to Baby Boomers, a generation who had so much within reach….and then reached for something else. 10. I Cant Imagine Him Carrying a Carbine An ode to millennials, progeny of the Baby Boomers, a soft, sequestered generation with soft hands and weak shoulders. 11. Its Too Late to Live in Austin This is a talking blues of sorts. The only song on the record that was done in front of a live audience. Sarah Mac sings the small but important part of a woman presently on her way out of town. HERE THE BIO ON GRANT I was born in Tallahassee in 1957. It was there I learned to crawl and walk and talk and ride a bike, tie my shoes. I went to sc


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