Railroad Tracks


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Clara Luzia doesnt like clean sounds. To do the ironing is never a good idea. Neither with textiles, nor with music. Goodbye perfection, hello affection! A record about goose bumps. A record about the plain and simple thing called life. Tracks like fine deal with the struggle with life per se. Theres no particular topic needed when singer Clara ends the song with the words: I never believed in the tale of reason. Not believing in the reason of mankind also appears in the song quiet which copes with the luggage that is carried around by all of us – be it individuals, societies, countries or states – but is not being talked about, but: Rememberance is the secret of redemption. Just like fine the song lull is more about a general feeling about life than a particular experience: Those who have lost and those who have won, and in between us who are just the lucky ones. Let yourself be lulled by the alleged naivety of the song! What is the record about? About the politics of personal life could well be an answer. About goose bumps another. Whatever. There is no masterplan behind this record. The only plan was to capture the moment. Clara Luzia is Clara Luzia on the mic and guitars, Mika Vember on percussion and backing vocals, Alexander Nefzger on keys, accordion and glockenspiel, and Heidi Dokalik on cello. During the recordings the quartet was joined by several guests who added some guitars, drums, bass, horn, violins, banjo, and ukulele.


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