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I was compelled to write about this restaurant life, as twelve years of hospitality all by yourself is tough yet can still be rewarding.The book fleetingly covers these twelve years and the encounters of the establishment and the public. It shows how everyone involved with money, food, or people in general have two faces.Today the media shows that chefs are demigods when in fact, they are strange little beings tainted by the degradation caused from the hours they work and the substances they are known to use. Put this with food and people, and we certainly have a story to tell. This is mine.Ducks Crossing was a small resort and restaurant as well as a wedding venue, and the stories told are true and certainly worthy of creating a series for TV. The book is about the rise to be the absolute best in the market and the obstacles placed by others while learning to stay calm, rational, and nonviolent, only to see the fall of your small empire caused by an unknown called progress.


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