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My name is Les Slaten. I’m 49 years old and am medically retired. I love raising Labrador Retrievers for hunting ducks and geese and being a good family pet. I live in Alton Illinois and have hunted Jersey and Calhoun counties all my life. There are state controlled hunting areas in this part of the country that are very good hunting places.I have just finished the 2002 duck season, which I hunted almost every day without a dog. My other dog Jazz had seven puppies on November 5th, 2002 so I couldn’t take her with me as she was nursing her puppies. One yellow female died in the cold and I buried her with Sadie. We called her Jazzs Little Angel. Everyday I went hunting I could see their graves and when I drove by Id always say Hi Sadie! Hi Angel!I brought home 40 ducks and one goose and didnt use a dog to hunt with the whole season except for 2 days.I would joke and say I sent 40 ducks and one goose to play with Sadie. I ate all of them for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and other times, and I took some ducks to the local bar I frequent, Wayne Allens,to feed my friends duck and dressing on Super Bowl Sunday and other days also.So now as I leave you I hope you sincerely enjoyed my book.I wrote this with so much love and affection for my dog and my loss, it has helped me so much. Who knows!! Maybe Ill write another book!!The name for my next book might be, Sadie 2A NEW ADVENTURE


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