Save Them All (Paperback)


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When Dr. Friedson approached the horse he ran his hand along the neck under the mane then down her face and over her nose. He reached up and felt her ears. He slowly slid his hand into her mouth and gently wrapped his hand around her tongue.On the morning Snoot was to be taken from his friends, Alton took him to a quiet spot in the woods behind the duck pond to play together and have time to say goodbye. As he scratched the pig’s belly, Snoot looked up at him and grunted as if he understood every word that was being said.When Rachel walked in she couldn’t believe her eyes. Mrs. Martin was pressed tight against the wall with her daughter lying on the floor between her legs. Dr. Friedson had the dog cradled in his arms protecting the large injury along its back.Dr. Friedson had seen many gruesome sights during his time in practice but this was the worst wire cut he had been called to treat. The fright and the pain of the horse, the massive destruction of tissue, and the anguish and anxiety of the owners, was overwhelming.


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