Saveur: The New Classics Cookbook – by The Editors of Saveur Magazine (Paperback)


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From the editors of the award-winning culinary magazine, Saveur: The New Classics Cookbook features more than 1000 well-curated global recipes in an essential collection for home cooks everywhere. This masterful selection celebrates the brand’s authority, heritage, and depth of worldwide culinary knowledge in what will be an indispensable and treasured guide for everyone who relishes authentic cooking and SAVEUR’s standard of excellence. Offering authentic, from-the-source recipes for virtually every type of dish (from tapas and cocktails to salads, dumplings, one pot meals, and more), essential techniques, and practical advice, this thorough collection of recipes from the pages of SAVEUR represents a comprehensive foundation for any home cook looking for a go-to guide–and daily inspiration–from a trusted source. Also includes suggested menus for holidays and occasions; illustrative sidebars that showcase groups of ingredients (such as the Mexican pantry, different varieties of tomatoes, what makes a good tagine) or provide easy-to-follow instructions for techniques (like how to crimp a dumpling or fold an empanada); and two sections of gorgeous full-color photographs that bring the cuisine to life. The 16 chapters are organized by course and food type. A robust selection of pantry basics (DIY condiments, stocks and sauces, spice blends and rubs, and more) is also included. Each recipe includes a headnote (explaining the origin of the dish, offering suggestions for perfecting the method, or a serving suggestion) and there are illustrations and cook’s notes, imparting helpful tips (wear gloves when working with hot chiles, using young ginger for the best flavor) scattered throughout the book. Icons call out vegetarian dishes and other helpful information at a glance. Multiple indexes make it easy to find recipes for any occasion. Table of Contents APPETIZERS SALADS SOUPS AND STEWS SANDWICHES, PIZZAS, AND SAVORY PIES PASTA, NOODLES, AND DUMPLINGS EGGS CHICKEN, DUCK, AND OTHER FOWL BEEF, LAMB, GOAT PORK SEAFOOD VEGETABLES BEANS, GRAINS, RICE, AND POTATOES BREADS AND ROLLS DESSERTS DRINKS PANTRY


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