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In Saving Catholics, author Gideon Goosen sets out to address the challenge championed by Pope Francis to reform the Catholic Church. It is an interactive workbook bringing together historical, theological, sociological, and experiential insights to illuminate the main issues surrounding reform. Taking a measured approach by looking at both the positives and the negatives arising from the experience of Catholics, Goosen examines such things as what reform actually is, the need for reform, and psychological attitudes and resistance towards reform. He tackles thorny subjects like clericalism head-on and addresses the abuse of power in the church. He also seeks out signs of hope–following the example of Pope Francis–and explores possible strategies for the future. Saving Catholics is a practical tool for parish, school or other community groups to aid in their discernment of the way forward to reform and renewal in the Catholic Church. What a creative, informative and engaging way to draw us together in our responsibility and our capacity for the essential reform and renewal in our Church. In naming our deepest institutional wounds, Saving Catholics reminds us of the important and authentic wisdom of standing in solidarity with one another, and in encouraging one another in taking steps, individually and communally, for the vital healing of our Church. Geraldine Hawkes Ecumenical Facilitator at SA Council of Churches Past Inaugural Chair of the Commission for Australian Catholic Women (2000-2006) Gideon Goosen offers in these pages a hands on, down to earth, technologically savvy workbook that will be ideal preparation for ordinary Catholics as well as their leaders for the upcoming Australian Plenary Council. In a post Royal Commission Australia, this little book calls for big changes, all inspired by Pope Francis and his vision of the church as a “”community of missionary disciples.”” Like Pope Francis, this book is sometimes provocative, but like Francis as well, it is inspired by a deep commitment to the gospel. Steve Bevans SVD Louis J. Luzbetak, SVD Professor of Mission and Culture, Emeritus Catholic Theological Union, Chicago Gideon Goosen is an author and theologian who holds doctorates in philosophy and theology. He is a prolific author of many theological articles and books and his most recent book is Hyphenated Christians: Towards a better understanding of dual religious belonging, (Peter Lang, 2013). Gideon taught theology at the Australian Catholic University, Sydney, for thirty years and was chair of the Theology Reflection Commission of the NSW Ecumenical Council (1995-2016). Locally he is co-ordinator of an Interchurch Group involved in promoting ecumenism and interfaith dialogue. Gideon is married with three children and lives in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales.


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