Saving Grace (Paperback)


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Anthony Grace, successful by all definitions, newly made partner at Lambert and Young, cherry picked to establish the firm’s presence in Washington, DC, has an unfamiliar searing pain in his head and a dull ache at his wrists and ankles. A blow.His senses awakened by the trickling of blood down the nape of his neck, struggles to open his eyes. All he sees is darkness. Have the blows blinded him? A blow.His mind races: Where is he? What’s the last thing he remembers? He frantically tries to recall what led to this…As the next blow is delivered he realizes that he is going to be hit… again…and he doesn’t know why. Over the past year, he and a law professor have been investigating the mysterious deaths of residents in a Northeast Washington neighborhood. Grace, having hired a team of scientists to investigate the link in the deaths one night, makes an amazing find, something he knows no one will believe! Following his instincts, he comes upon a hole in the ground and what he sees inside of it he cannot believe. But it somehow makes sense because it explains the underground sounds his clients have mentioned to him. But how? How has this gone unnoticed? Who else knows about this? As he turns to leave….A blow.Unaware of how long he has been captured, his mind races. Where is he? What’s the last thing he remembers? He frantically tries to recall what led to this… A blow. A question. One that he has no answer for…Another blow…His captors want him off the case, but first, they want to know how much he knows. “Mr. Grace, what were you looking for?” a man with a distinguished and commanding tone asks, different from the other voices. The man’s calm demeanor provides Grace with a calm he hasn’t felt in days. For the first time he realizes somehow his being alive is crucial…or else by now he’d be dead. Instinct is all he has. Thus begins a primal game…for his life. The shear terror of this ordeal, marked by the commands of one that Grace cannot see, this “voice” leaves an indelible print in the depths of his mind. It is this voice that commands this merciless beating. The injury to Grace’s head obliterates his memory. He cannot recall the details of the night he was kidnapped or its relevance to the case and the clients he represents. More importantly, he cannot remember who is friend or foe. He does, however, remember the “voice”. It haunts him. And as he focuses on it, determined to retrace the steps that brought him to the kidnapping, slowly shadows from that past emerge and take form. The “voice”, somehow, also takes on a familiar spirit and when he links him to a rising political star, Grace becomes more determined to tackle the challenge of putting his life back together and solve the case that shattered it. His single minded determination to find the person attached to the “voice” is his only Saving Grace!


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