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Ozlo was born on a planet far, far away, in a land of milk and honey. Monkeys raised him after his egg like-asteroid-looking thing he was created in shot to the planet Earth and landed in a heavily dense forest area. Huh?! Ok, born in California in this lifetime (and not born Ozlo yet Kenneth Peter Joseph Hermann!)…Ozlo started playing music at a very young age. At age 4 his Uncle Jo taught him Boogie Woogie on the family piano, and then played at Carnegie Hall the following year…I mean day… (Okay that didnt happen…but it could have…yeah right!) Ozlos parents and family listened to all kinds of music. His parents would listen to jazz like Herbie Mann and Frank Sinatra. His sisters listened to the Ohio Players and Bread. Then as the years passed his parents would take Ozlo to super cool shows at the Concord Pavilion in California like Chuck Mangione and Liza Minelli. As Ozlos sisters grew older the youngest sister was teaching him about Def Leppard, Journey and Loverboy. Rock On. After taking piano lessons from Ms. Legg for several years (thanks Ms. Legg wherever you are!), he was uprooted from his home and school in the suburbs of Northern California to then live out in the country hills of Oregon (pronounced Ory-gun, please…NOT Oree-gone…geez.) where he grew up with dogs and cats and ducks and chickens and geese and goats and cows! Pretty fun! Had a tractor to drive, he was so cool driving the tractor. There in Oregon he started to play the trumpet. Ozlos Grandpa gave him a trumpet that his Grandpa had played in the San Francisco Police Dept. Marching Band. He took trumpet lessons from Mr. Dixon (super cool dude). As Ozlo entered Jr. High school, he was introduced to a new music teacher by the name of Matt Polacek, Ozlos first serious mentor. Mr. Polacek showed Ozlo the fun of the valve trombone, then realized the slide trombone was even MORE fun! Mr. Polacek, an amazing trombone player himself, showed Ozlo things like jazz albums you can play along with to practice your improvising, and gave him the opportunity to sing a song with the jazz band his freshman year. Tuxedo Junction was wailed from his lungs like a songbird in flight. Anyway… Through high school Ozlo was able to go to jazz festivals and workshops and even…yes…band camps! With all this great help from Mr. Polacek and the choir teacher Mr. James and Mr. Bullis who helped shape Ozlos voice by introducing him to Bobby McFerrin and vocal group Take 6. Music was such a part of his life, Ozlo wanted to major in it at college! My, my, my. Ozlo received a scholarship for trombone at the University of Arizona, where he went for 4 years studying with trombone professor Tom Ervin. Realizing Ozlo was more into singing and songwriting, he left college to pursue the life…of a rockstar. While in college, Ozlo met Fruitpie, a graduate student who invited Ozlo to audition for the band he was in, Itsy Bitsy Spiders. Ozlo was accepted into the group, and this is where he got his name. Yes, Ozlo. To protect the innocent and screw the guilty (whatever that means) we have referred to Ozlo as Ozlo instead of his birth given name. Everyone in the band had aliases; Im mean come on, Fruitpie?! Yeah, thats a nickname. Balls on bass, and Fruitpie are in a band now called The Bunko Squad. Itsy Bitsy Spiders was around playing the Tucson scene from 1992 to 1996, and released one self-titled CD. It rocked. After the break-up of Itsy Bitsy Spiders, Ozlo started


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