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Bob cant believe his luck. Why a woman like Ellie would be interested in a man like him he doesnt know and he doesnt care. Neither does he worry what the deal is between her and Vinny. For sure Vinny scares the hell out of him but Ellie only works for Vinny and Bob just wants a good time, and the thing he has for Ellie, well its nothing serious.Bob works hard and theres no reason why he shouldnt let off a little steam. His wife and kids will never know and his friends will turn a blind eye. His behaviour may be bad but it’s not as if anyones going to get hurt.But soon Bob finds that he has more to worry about than just Vinny. Theres also Benny, and Jimmys just back from a five stretch inside. Then theres the cop Murray who seems to take things a little too personally, and theres his pal Joe whos taking the moral high ground.Before he knows it Bobs in so deep he cant see a way out. At least not until Vinny shows him one. Bob reckons that he owes his boss Dirkze nothing and that maybe Vinnys plan can solve all of their problems. Maybe. Or maybe its just the start of them.With Simple Acts of Kindness Richard Todd delivers a gritty urban noir thats as twisted as it is addictive and original.


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