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A five century storm hits Seattle. Inspector Strong and Ted cant help but go fishing go fishing. The fishing will be the best in 75 years. The storm floods the south end of Seattle with feet of water. Jones is out driving a duck rescuing people for days. The police station is leaking like a sieve.Rage picks up two floating bodies because her jeep can almost swim. The victims drivers license says he is David Smith. Running his license number, it turns out to be Detectives Smith license but with the victims picture. It gets worse. Smiths police ID has the victims face on it. Rage checks hers license and police ID. The numbers are correct, but the pictures are wrong. It has the second victims picture on hers. Every photo ID has the wrong face on them. What have people been using their police IDs for?The Detectives Smith and Rage reason, any local police know us by sight but with our reputation the ID would be enough.All the time the rain continues to come down, the city floods, and the police building leaks. But the fishing trip is the very best.A newspaper article reports a murder in Forks, days before the storm. A call to the local Forks sheriff has the fake ID being used to check the belongings of the victim.The FBI finally discovers who all three victims are.Why are Smith and Rage pulling an entire phone system out of a medical research firm?The fishing was great.


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