Smyrna, Clayton, and Woodland Beach (Hardcover)


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Smyrna, Clayton, and Woodland Beach, Delaware, share a history born from early settlers with big dreams, landowners who helped grow their importance on the regional stage, and industries that shaped the local economy. The story of these communities is wrapped around transportation, great location, and fertile agricultural soil. Smyrna, beginning as the settlement of Salisbury and then Duck Creek Village, sprang up on its river namesake before moving to Duck Creek Crossroads, where it continued to thrive. Large steamers regularly docked in Smyrna Landing to take shipments of grain, fertilizer, and even passengers to Philadelphia. The installation of the train depot, called Smyrna Station, cemented the importance for a renewed generation of history by almost instantly creating the town of Clayton. To the east, Woodland Beach enjoyed a surge of popularity, boasting a Ferris wheel, dance hall, and beer garden.


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