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Book 1: Key to the CityIn a bid to escape from a mysterious pursuer, Yoshi takes refuge below the streets of London – and finds a world away from our own. Here, he discovers his own vital part in a mission to tap into ancient forces underpinning the capital…Book 2: Siege Under the CityIt’s 1666, and the city is ablaze. Below ground, desperate citizens seek refuge from The Great Fire, only to be buried alive when the buildings collapse into the tunnels. Now, centuries later, it is said that their descendants still exist in the very bowels of the city. Blind from a life without sunshine, but with senses as sharp as their teeth, this savage tribe are to be avoided at all costs. Which isn’t so easy when Julius concludes the final waypoint in the Faerie Ring is located in their lairBook 3: Freedom of the CityA breakout at the zoo transforms London into the ultimate urban jungle. Lions are on the loose, rhino, tigers and trouble-making monkeys, too. The smart move would be to hide out for a while, but underground trouble is brewing on a scale never seen before. Can Yoshi and his gifted friends turn their hand to saving the capital from a dark uprising…


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