Sprinkles of Happiness


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Once upon a time, there was a little boy who was very much loved by his parents. His dad use to sing songs to the little boy helping him fall asleep. As the boy grew older, his dad would tell him bed time stories. Since the dad happened to be a musician, he composed songs from these stories. One day, a fairy princess visited the dad and put a magic spell on him. Under this spell, the dad recorded all the songs and created a music CD called Sprinkles Of Happiness. And the little boy, his mom, and his dad sang happily ever after. The most popular song on this CD is Howd They Do That?. For jumping around and having fun theres Ducky Duck Dance. Rainy Day Toys has some nice guitar playing on the end. And reggae fans will love Nappy Nap Time. Having fun listening, Terry Please note: This music was professionally recorded and mixed in digital format. To save costs, the CD art was designed on computer and printed on high quality photo paper. The music is burned onto CD-Rs with no shrink wrap. This insures that the artist benefits more directly! Thank you for supporting Independent Artists!


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