Tales from Tubblewood Too: Miss Duck to the Rescue – eBook


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Experience the excitement of the holidays and the joy of the seasons with the colorful characters of Tubblewood.Miss Duck would prefer to stay in the warmth of her cozy home sipping a cup of hot apricot tea.However, her life always turns into an adventure when she is called upon to help a friend or a neighbor.Throughout the year, you can join Miss Duck and her woodland friends in their escapades.They may be assisting the groundhog with a mystery guest on his big day, correcting a problem after an April Fools Day prank goes too far, learning the meaning of Independence Day and how to celebrate the holiday in a safe manner, or working together to save Tubblewood Forest.Holiday traditions for St. Patricks Day, Easter, Arbor Day, and Thanksgiving also are included.There is a tale to be savored for every season in this collection of stories.Intertwined throughout each story are valuable life messages.Miss Duck and her charming entourage teach these lessons through their words and actions and demonstrate them in a positive manner.The Tubblewood tales have universal appeal.They can be comprehended by young children and still hold the interest and imagination of older children and adults.The quality of the content spans all ages and any generation.Additionally, special scenes are artistically depicted in beautifully designed illustrations.Dont miss the opportunity to create memories by sharing this enchanting group of holiday stories with your loved ones.Its certain to be a time-treasured addition to any household library.Be sure to add to your collection another captivating book, Tales From Tubblewood:A Duck For All Seasons, which contains stories in the settings of Valentines Day, Easter, summer vacation, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.


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