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My experience and adventures as a primary school teacher during the last 15 years inspired me to write the ‘Terence the Turkey’ series. The students loved it when I read some of the stories to them after lunch time. My students were between eight and eleven years of age. Their response were always clapping and cheering – they just loved Terence. Now, in book format, I am convinced that children between seven and eleven years of age would love the adventures of ‘Terence the Turkey’.Terence lives on a farm near Townsville with his loving parents Tommy and Teresa. He has a big bully of an older brother called Todd, as well as a loving little sister called Tammy. The book consists of short, funny, fictitious stories, with most adventures taking place on the farm with a variety of other animals. The main character is off course Terence, and he is well supported by others like Gopher the goose, Baby the bull, Patrick the pig, Ernie the eagle, Gerald the goat, Uncle Murdock, the Fearfeathers, and Aunt Suzie the swan.As the author, my main idea is to tell funny and interesting stories in every chapter. Readers will find a FUN SHEET at the end of the chapters. The fun sheet should be fun, but it can also be an educational tool for parents, schools, and even children-church programs. There are scriptures to be completed, life lessons, a variety of ‘monkey puzzle’ (multichoice) questions, vocabulary to be filled in, as well as a ‘Go Quiz’ with interesting facts about the chapter. The answers to all the questions are provided at the back of the book.’Terence the Turkey’ will soon be followed up by ‘Terence in Africa’ – as this second book is completed and being edited at the moment. I am currently working on two more adventure books where Terence will be travelling to places like New Zealand!


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