The Adventures of Biggledy Bee – eBook


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The “Adventures of Biggledy Bee” recalls the tradition of Charlottes Web in that its main characters are animals whose lives intersect with humans but are lived mainly within their own society. The storys heroine is a worker bee (all workers are females) who learns the importance of collaboration and interdependence in the hive. But, in a moment of courage she chooses an extraordinary life that becomes the stuff of legend among her sisters. Biggledy strikes out on her own, and with the help of a generous bumble bee, a friendly duck, and the inadvertent assistance of a beekeeper, she has adventures, close calls and near misses that give her life excitement and meaning far beyond that of an ordinary bee. The book is organized into twenty-two short chapters, each of which can be read as a bedtime story. And when children say, Just one more chapter, the briefness of each chapter makes satisfying this plea easy.


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