The Blue Knickers of Happiness – eBook


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Why would anyone choose to stay silent for ten days? These people must have messed up their lives big time to want to imprison themselves here.Thats what Jack, an advertising executive from New York, wonders when he unwittingly finds himself on a ten-day silent meditation retreat in the Himalayas.This book follows the stories of five of the retreat participants and their searches for happiness, love, peace of mind, and enlightenment in India and beyond. Their interwoven paths are often touching and sometimes hilariousespecially when maggot-filled muesli bars, scorpions, dodgy gurus, giant tigers, a little fluffy duck called Eric, and the dreaded Death make surprise appearances.The Blue Knickers of Happiness is an amusing yet insightful novel about what can happen when you stop and watch your mind. It explores how a little mindfulness can help ordinary people touch the extraordinary magic that lies within.


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