The Celestial Bar : 20th Anniversary Edition


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Do you ever feel that “something” is missing, that there has to be more? The answers are on tap in The Celestial Bar, an international bestseller. Originally self-published to critical acclaim, The Celestial Bar has reached around the globe. This updated 20th anniversary edition includes the author’s answers to readers’ queries, along with questions and discussion points to explore his material more deeply. You’ll find Tom Youngholm’s books next to Richard Bach, Dan Millman, and James Redfield. “This is one exciting book to experience, and I love it! If you want a book that you can’t put down-run, don’t walk, and pick up a copy. You’ll be glad you did.” Inner Self “… energizing, riveting, enlightening and intellectually stimulating, filled with concepts and truths to be pondered, and then accepted.!” Metaphysical Reviews “Tom Youngholm strikes pay dirt… a dazzling array of well conveyed, extremely visual experiences. It’s not only a fun and very readable story; it’s a good tool for explaining spirituality.” “The Awareness Journal “The dynamics here provide for a great read, and a wonderfully educational one at that! Grab it and read it. Meet the wise and whimsical characters… and learn about yourself in the process. You can if you hang out for a while at THE CELESTIAL BAR.” The New Times “Digger began to play… the music reminded him of the sadness he felt about his life. The humiliation of so many failures amid what he thought was a life brimming with promise… he was always going to be; but never was. Meet Jonathan “Digger” Taylor, a man who wanders from job to job, relationship to relationship, seeking-like so many of us-the intangible “something” that is missing from his life. When the restaurant he opens in Florida is wrecked in a hurricane, he moves to California, where he captions a baseball team and pays the rent with an unfulfilling waiter’s job; meanwhile all his relationships with women, including his wife, share the same fate as his restaurant. Digger wants more from life, to feel connection and purpose. In the hardships that befall him Digger turns to his lifelong creative dream, composing music. But his spiritual quest is offset by a dark and increasingly menacing figure that haunts both his dream and waking worlds. Moments before a crucial make-or-break musical audition, Digger meditates to calm his jittery nerves and, in his meditation, is pursued by the ominous figure until he ducks into a door beneath a sign that reads The Celestial Bar. From that moment on, his life-and yours-will never be the same. The Celestial Bar is a richly appointed way station for souls in transition, a place where wisdom is served with a smile and our most profound hunger is sated. There Digger meets his “old and forgotten” friends: Ahmay a pony tailed Shoshone chieftain: an interactive-and holographic-computer named Ramda, a mysterious bartender called Zorinthalian: and Paula, a beautiful waitress and soul mate. In the company of this unforgettable colorful and eccentric crew, Digger is “reminded” of the basic truths called the Universal Principles-the keys to all our most searching spiritual questions. We are all beings of energy here on earth to improve ourselves spiritually, Digger learns, and in The Celestial Bar you’ll learn the nuts-and-bolts on how and why-including the ways in which thought and energy interact with each other so that simple changes in focus can shift our reality profoundly. Most important you’ll learn about PEIS (pronounced “peace”); the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual parts of each of us that must be in balance to achieve true happiness and success in life. Around the globe, readers have not only been entertained, but have found the Universal Principles powerful tools for their own lives. Visit the Celestial Bar


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