The Curse of the Mummy’s Case – eBook


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After a two volume absence, the mad duck, Imperius Drake, and his dumb heavy subordinate, Bigg Baboon return with a vengeance (literally.) Set on conquest of the cosmos, the duck has hatched (sorry) a plot to revivify a savage ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, Tsk VI and his ghost armies of crocodiles and lions. He plans to clone them and use them to overcome his enemies, real and imagined. Many new characters appear but most important are Octavius’ and Belinda’s twin cubs, Arabella and McTavish. (Yes, a Polar and Kodiak can have offspring.) You may remember that the on again-off again lovers were married offstage in Book Two. The kids start to receive signals over their Egyptian internet video game from a Uraeus, a cobra sacred to the gods and charged with protecting the tombs and mummies of the great kings of Egypt. She tells them of Imperius’ plan and enlists the Great Bear’s assistance. Octavius, Belinda, Maury Meerkat, the cubs, plus the usual and some new team members are called into action once again against the infamous Imperius. Chita still wants an opportunity to kill off the duck after his attempts to do her in. Who knows?


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