The Days Of Wine and Roses


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The Dream Syndicates debut album, The Days Of Wine And Roses, has long been considered a cornerstone release of the early 80s Paisley Underground scene. However, it was more influential than that, and is one of indie-rocks essentials. The original Steve Wynn/Karl Precoda/Kendra Smith/Dennis Duck line-up took seminal 60s rock and filtered it through more modern sounds. In fact, it was Flesh Eaters front man Chris D., who produced The Days Of Wine And Roses, who got it released on Slash Records-one of the premier L.A. labels of the punk rock era. Despite its seminal status, The Days Of Wine And Roses has been out of print for the better part of a decade. With the rebirth of the band as a live/touring unit over the past two years, Omnivore Recordings has remastered and expanded this gem. Calling on the bands long-time archivist Pat Thomas, the CD now contains a slew of never-before heard recordings that capture the first year of the classic Wynn/Precoda/Smith/Duck line up in all their lo-fi glory!


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