The Excellent Adventures of Max and Madison – eBook


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There is a little country town not far from Canberra in Australia, and this is where all of these adventures take place. Max is only five years old and his sister is a little younger. They live in a house just outside of town with their parents Kerrie and Michael.Max has just started school while Madison is attending kindergarten. Both children are very interested in the world around them and are eager to learn new and interesting things. Max is also practising to be a magician.Across the road from their home is a large area of native Australian forest where many bush animals and birds live together, this is called a national park.Joe MacDonald and his wife Mrs Jill have a farm nearby where they keep dairy cows, chickens, geese, ducks and bee hives. They make a living by selling their produce at the weekly market near town.There always seems to be something happening around this area and Max and Madison are usually involved somehow. They are joined sometimes by their friends, the Baker cousins.


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