The Gift of the Indigo : A Journey With Child Protective Services


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This is a bizarre story of a young couple’s struggle with the ‘black and white’ vision of the Department of Health and Human Services of Maine. Their baby was removed directly from their loving arms in June of 2014. This two year struggle takes many twists and turns during the so-called ‘reunification’ process. DHHS seems to want to take complete control of their lives and their every move is scrutinized, as well as often misjudged. The whole situation actually began because of the mother’s dire concern to protect her baby, and yet the Department continued to sing the tune of her lack of concern for the child’s physical well being during the whole process. From the very beginning, Starre (the mom) ignored her many, many ‘red flags.’ Her confidence was not bold enough for her to stand tall with her truth and make logical choices in life. I feel that it’s important in our lives to accept nothing but ‘the golden goose.’ We all have deep intuition whether you believe it or not. It presents as an uncomfortable feeling in your gut (solar plexus), or maybe it jumps right out at you as a situation, event or action that goes against your trusted morals. It is my hope, through this story that the reader will begin to have the courage and self-esteem to back off and take a moment to assess their next move when their ‘red flags’ appear.


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