The Greater Evil (The End of the World and Some Other Things, Book #2) – eBook


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The dark fantasy saga which began with Deaths Good Intentions continues in The Greater Evil, an action-packed thriller about supernatural powers twisting our world into a dystopian empireThe Antichrist sits in a position of power with most the world believing that hes a hero of the people. Those who know the truth — rebels led by young April Frausini and the rogue Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Death and War — are labeled terrorists as they strike out at the Antichrist from the shadows. And though most civilians blindly trust their new leader, the voice of the opposition is growing louder. In response, the governments of the world create the Unity initiative, stripping citizens of their basic freedoms under the guise of tighter security in an increasingly dangerous world.Meanwhile, Trey Decarr, the man also known as Death, bides his time in a Unity island prison. Unity has far grander plans than simply caging insurgents on the island, though. The prison camp will also be the testing grounds for Unitys new biological weapons program, and Decarr is at the front of the line for volunteer test subjects.In a time when evil reigns triumphant, it will be up to Decarr and April to bring the truth to the world in an effort to make things right.The End of the World and Some Other Things seriesThe Man with the Devils Tongue (Prequel novella)Deaths Good Intentions (Book 1)The Greater Evil (Book 2)Behold Star Wormwood (Book 3, forthcoming)


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