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The Jewel Collar is the story of a Champion Maltese dog, Aristotle. Aristotle has many friends in the beach house garden, including the squirrels, doves, possums, ducks and sparrows. His Mommy comes home one day shortly before Christmas and tells him that they will be moving away from the beach house so she can be closer to the Courthouse and train station. Ari is very sad at the thought of leaving his garden friends at the beach. His Mommy is worried about him at the new home so she gives him one of his Christmas gifts early — a Jewel Collar. Ari decides that if he shares his jewels with the garden friends he will make new friends. He makes many new friends and they decide to call themselves the Garden Friends Club. On Christmas morning they decorate a Christmas tree in the garden, placing the jewels Ari had given them on the tree. They promise to share the jewels with new visitors to the garden so they won’t feel lonely and to place the jewels on the Christmas tree each and every year. The lesson is that a child moving to a new home can make new friends by sharing and friendship. The Jewel Collar children’s picture book is suitable for children ages 4-8 for reading and younger children will enjoy the 67 brilliant color pictures while the story is being read to them. It is the first book in the Garden Friends Club Series, followed by Hannah the Hummingbird, the second book, with additional books to follow.


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