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Jon Rieley-Goddard lives and works in Buffalo, New York, with his wife, Cathy, and their three cats, Chica, Bella, and Slava. He is a writer, photographer, and minister. Before embracing the call of the Word, he was man of many words — a copy editor on daily newspapers.The Mystery Man Murders is his first novel.This is the first novel in the series titled Grimoire – the Bros Grim Breakfast Serial: A Story in Pieces. Book Two (The Double Daily Double Murders) is in revision. Book Three (Operation Next of Kin) is in process.Themes? Try truth vs. trust, urban tribal living, the nature of public life (where secrets abound), and home sweet home vs. a spookish place called … Spookistan.The book is a spook-procedural, as well.The series chronicles the quasi-criminal enterprise of some retired covert agents — spooks — who run a well-used bookshop, Caspar’s Books and That, in Buffalonya, a city roughly equal to Buffalo, New York, but getting even less respect.Buffalonya rhymes with bologna.Meet Goose, Jim, OhJim AKA OtherJim, the Bros Grim; and Goose’s partner and Buddha Girl, Eve. David, Mr. Red, Mr. Black, and Mister Ed round out the crew, with help from a few irregulars in the police, certain TLAs, and the press. Plus Agent Tommy and Wild Billy, the bookshop cat.And don’t ignore the Punk Princess, Jeanne. She just might biteyour ear lobe. Run if she model-walks your way in her killer heels.


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