The Philo Vance Murder Cases


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In the second volume of the Leonaur’s complete Philo Vance Murder Cases we join the famous New York detective at the family mansion where the Greene family is definitely not playing ‘Happy Families’. In fact the numbers of the Greene family soon begin to be reduced in the most extreme way. Not surprisingly this, the third Vance story is called the ‘Greene Murder Case’ and more Greenes will die before the case is solved. The fourth story-‘The Bishop Murder Case’-draws its inspiration from children’s nursery rhymes. First to die is Christopher Robbin, who just like the Cock Robin is found pierced with an arrow. New York District Attorney Markham knows there is just one man qualified to solve a case this complex, but more characters are doomed to die-including one with allusions to ‘Mother Goose’-before Philo Vance can solve the case.


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