The Ultimate Survivor Guides: Beating Depression & Coping With Anxiety – eBook


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No matter how great life treats you there are some days when you just dont want to get out of bed. But what happens when that occasional day turns into weeks or months on end?I know that feeling. Up until 5 years ago my life was going good. I had a great, understanding and supportive husband, two beautiful kids, a fulfilling job that I loved and good friends.Ok, so not everyday was perfect, my job was demanding, so were my family and there were days when I just didnt want to face the world because I knew what the day laid in store for me.However over the course of a year those occasional days turned into everyday of the week. I just didnt want to face the world. I no longer wanted to communicate with my family. I ignored friends and I called in sick at work more times than I care to remember.Some days were better than others. I got out of bed, did my daily routine and tried my best to get through the day. I almost stopped eating. I lost a lot of weight. I was exasperating my husband and my kids just didnt understand that I didnt want to (or couldnt) take them to the park or to feed the ducks at the pond anymore.I didnt want to do anything. The worst part about being what I later found out was depression, was not understanding what was wrong with me. It was a question that I got asked all of the time,Whats wrong with you! My husband and friends asked me. How could I tell them when I didnt really know myself? I felt like I was losing everything but then one day it all changed. Since those darks day of my depression and anxiety attacks its not all been plain sailing.Nonetheless I have my life back on track now. I have made huge changes to my life and I have regained control of myself and my emotions and its through this that I feel I had to share what I have learnt along the way and help others that are going through the same as I was.We get just one life on earth, just one chance to be happy and healthy. We owe it to ourselves to protect our psychological lives. Depression is a devastating disease. We need to fight to get it out of our lives, no matter what it takes!


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