The Unbelievable Top Secret Diary of Pig (Hardcover)


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This laugh-out-loud funny debut will please boys, girls, pigs, vegetarian farmers, ducks–everyone save for evil chickens.This is me. I is Pig! If you is reading this, you can read Pig, and you is very clever. Unless you is an Evil Chicken, in which case, don’t read this!Pig is troubled. Usually, life on the Farm is pretty good. He has yummy slops, a true friend in Duck, mud to roll in, and Farmer to scratch his back and call him Roast Pig (his special nickname). But the Evil Chickens are up to something evil, involving a tractor-rocket. And Duck has something else to show his porcine friend: a shed where Farmer prepares to eat Pig for dinner!What can Pig do? If he goes in the Chickens’ trocket, he might run out of slops. If he stays, he’ll become sausages and bacon. But if Pig and Duck can come up with a plan that involves the chicken house, the trocket, some itchy sheep, and an imaginary fox–maybe they can fix the Farm…or maybe they’ll land in even more trouble. Don’t miss the hysterically funny debut from Emer Stamp and Pig!


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