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SID is a 35 year old COP, living in a rundown apartment in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, South Africa with his humdrum job that he loathes. Before his life makes a gigantic turnaround, Sids best friend and mentor MIKE, dies. For 25 years Mike fronts as a priest before his true identity is exposed as an undercover narcotics agent. Mike is executed by a drug lord to show the syndicates strength and willingness to protect their assets and in turn Sid inherits Mikes unhinged dog Davel.Sid is arrested for a supposed DUI and is astonished when he is thrown into jail. He was told by his senior officer that this dramatic manoeuvre was to protect his life from the ruthless gang of drug lords who killed Mike and now they are closing in on him. In jail, Sids nightmares becomes a reality as he meets up with RODGER HENKEL, an old drug lord that Sid had arrested after exposing his drug trafficking syndicate. Rodger tries to kill Sid. Is his life safer in jail or out of it? Only time will tell! Sid is given new respect by the convicts as he survives this first onslaught from Rodgers lethal sword attack. After prison, Sid is dragged into the undercover world of law enforcement, where he meets up with his lunatic comrades, HERMAN a Cape Coloured who is a womanising, depressed alcoholic and then the unmistakable but very loveable and wacky Rottweiler called DAVEL, being more human than dog. He has a wicked sense of humour and has a massive addiction to nicotine which dominates his life.The trios new lives unfold as they are taken to America to be trained by the worlds best narcotics bureau. They are taught the tricks of the trade to be transformed into expert undercover agents.Returning to South Africa they start their investigation by opening up motels as a way of observing who is fencing drugs. At the onset of the investigation, Sid meets up with ANDRE, a woeful drug pusher who Sid wants as an ally. While Herman is doing a stakeout, he sees where Andr hides his stash of cocaine and at an opportune moment he steals it and Davel takes charge of the lifted consignment. Using this stash, Sid deceives Andr, forcing him to become an informant for the squad. Sid and Herman meet Andrs dejected mother NAOMI and glum Sister SILVIA. Herman, with Sids advice, employs Naomi to work in the motel as a manager and Sid convinces Andr to change his detrimental career path.The investigation continues into one of South Africas pre-eminent drug manufacturing and distributing cartels. The trio of heros are led on a wild goose chase with some of the most exhilarating times, chasing the illusive family around South Africa.Their adversary is a delinquent family with a wilful ex-COP and a belligerent son-in-law, who controls the manufacture and distribution of a lethal concoction of drugs.Our heros hidden agendas make them look like a bunch of hippies with no ambitions, but they are living off daddys wealth.They drive around in what appears like an old dilapidated VW kombi, but instead, at a closer inspection, this antiquated piece of junk is a highly modified super slick driving machine that has all the power to take on the fastest road racer.


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