The Ways to a Healthy Life and Sexual Performance (Paperback)


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A warm-hearted welcome to you!From the outset, I would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in me by purchasing this guide, and I assure you that I will give you nothing but the best in it.Since you have chosen my book, it means that you are interested in a healthy lifestyle. Great! Congratulations!Which one of us likes being sick, wasting time in bed and spending money on unnecessary drugs that only destroy our body? Nobody, I think.Pharmaceutical companies know so well how to retain their customers. A patient in good health is a customer lost. Unfortunately, this is how it works. Therefore, it is pointless relying blindly on pharmacology – we should rather try to find alternative ways of taking care of our health.Personally, I do not use any pills or other chemical products. I believe that God has given us everything that is needed for a healthy life. And it all grows either on the ground or right in it.What are we talking about? About plants of course – herbs, fruits, vegetables, spices, trees. Plants are among the most valuable gifts we could get!Below, I present you some proven secrets – based on plants – for a better and healthier life. Include them into your everyday life, so that you could enjoy it even more.I have been using these methods myself for a long time and I can honestly say that they really work! I would like to share my knowledge with you so that you can enjoy a better life too.The guide also contains a set of twelve secrets with which you can improve your sexual life. Follow them to get even more pleasure out of it. You will definitely be satisfied (and not only YOU…).A FEW WORDS ABOUT THE GUIDEMany health guides available on the market include lengthy discussions about complex issues and tips, the application of which is time-consuming, difficult and often turns our lives upside down. This usually discourages readers from reading and implementing the proposed recommendations.That is why this guide is written in simple and accessible language, and the recipes it contains are clear, understandable and do not require complicated or arduous activities. Above all, they are effective and personally tested! Here you will find natural ways to fight the most common ailments affecting the average person. That is why this is a book which can be used in almost every household.MOTIVATION AND SYSTEMATICITYI believe that your interest in herbal self-curing is indeed a really good step towards a better and healthier life. However, you must remember that preparations of plant-origin used from time to time will not deliver their full power.The condition for success is their regular and skillful application. It is not an artificial prescription drug which works right away, but pure nature that needs time.Remember though, that these magical tablets, which tempt you with instantaneous results, help treat one condition, but also exacerbate another (!). All this leads you to buy other, equally “magical” pills, for a new problem.Medicinal plants, however, are not only safe, but also bring the effectiveness and satisfaction of achieving the desired effects. You only have to take them systematically.So, I would like you to turn the tricks I have proposed into a habit. Believe me, it does not require a lot of time, only a little willingness. Yes, willingness!If you perform any action only sporadically, it will not bring any effects, nor any desirable ones, and you will only feel discouraged. This is how it works at every level of life, whether in business or at work, or in the private and daily life sphere: No action taken; no effects achieved! It will not come by itself!And besides, remember that no one will take care of you better than yourself. Therefore, awaken the desire to take care of your health and build foundations for a better life. Health life, herbs recipe Making Guide, Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health, The Surprising ways,


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