Time Goes Things Change


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Adam Solomon was born in a musical family. Kenya / Canadian Adam Solomon (2014). Its a great experience reaching out to more blues lovers. In this album, rhythms are a mixed experience of African traditional blues, jazz, all infused with a rich Delta flavour. Africa is the Mother of all these styles. Many music lovers who hear me playing guitar are moved by the traditional blues and Afro-jazz. I visited my country Kenya recently and found traditional music and culture is slowly disappearing; I see that and I want to preserve it. This is my small way of honouring the musical traditions of my people, and sharing it with the world. I come from a minority tribe in Kenya, from the group called Mijikenda in the coast of Kenya. Mijikenda people are very talented, and blessed in many ways, but still the struggle is still going, I pray for peace and clean democratic Government in Kenya. And Peace world wide. Why Time Goes Things Change? After I developed a deep love of music as a youth, I joined my family band, Bana Citoyen, where I learned the intricacies of the guitar. I performed with my family band for a time, gaining confidence, sometimes practicing for the entire day and into the night. And so it went, as I performed with many musicians from Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa and Congo, honing my craft further. After arriving in Canada, I fell in love with the country and embraced it as my home. A whirlwind of touring from coast to coast followed, performing with other artists and ultimately with my own groups. Change has also come, swiftly and inexorably. Political upheavals, climate change, terrorism, world hunger, poverty, and war. Sometimes, change is cyclical; sometimes we are left with an unsettling sense of deja vu, that we have been here before and that while the players are different, the themes the same. Change can be fast or slow…the march of days, of aging, the ravages of time; they are an indelible part of our lives. But WE also have the power to effect change, politically, environmentally, through social justice…and also within ourselves. Sometimes, it feels too late to change; too much work. A shift change is due. Love one another and pay it forward. We can make it happen. 1 Love. Adam Solomon, October 14 Recorded, mixed, and Produced in Toronto, Ontario – by Golden Goose Productions. All songs and Instrumentals composed by Adam Solomon 2014.


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